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Often confused with the most famous groppelli of the Brescia shore of Lake Garda, the Groppello della Val di Non is an ancient indigenous variety that has obtained the recognition of the Typical Geographical Indication (IGT). It is produced from vines grown along the shores of Lake Santa Giustina in the villages of Cagnò, Cloz, Revò and Romallo located in the Terza Sponda area.

History: native cultivation present in the valley since the 16th century, it risked extinction following the development of the massive cultivation of the apple tree and was rediscovered thanks to the passion of some farmers.

Characteristics: ruby red wine with violet reflections, with a strong olfactory impact, almost wild hints of herbs and berries, tannic with an acidic vein.

Raw materials: grapes from the so-called “groppelli” vines due to the presence of a compact cluster like a knot (“grop” in the local dialect).

Suggestions: it is a wine that, based on the vinification, can be presented as a young vintage paired with typical dishes of the local tradition or aged where it retains its historical imprint over time

From its pomace we obtain an excellent grappa with an intense aroma and flavor, at the same time dry, fresh and gentle.

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