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For us, Lake Caldaro is both a reference point and an element of identification: first of all, there is a large part of our vineyards surrounding the lake, which, like our company, bears its name from the village of Caldaro. On the other hand, the wine produced from Schiava grapes from the vineyards surrounding the lake is also called "Lago di Caldaro".


Overall, the climatic conditions of the 2018 vintage were very good. Winter and spring rainfall provided sufficient moisture and, consequently, ideal pollination conditions. The abundance of sunshine and above-average temperatures during the summer and autumn resulted in a drought, which was offset by severe thunderstorms in August. Thanks to the optimal climatic conditions at the end of summer it was possible to harvest healthy and ripe grapes.


- bright ruby red
- fruity, cherry and raspberry, hints of bitter almond
- sapid and soft on the palate, easy to drink


Wine also to be served between meals, it goes well with appetizers and typical specialties of the kitchen.


Fermentation on the skins with one week maceration at a controlled temperature of 24 ° C; malolactic fermentation and aging of 4 months on the fine lees in steel tanks and concrete barrels.


Hilly vineyards with exposure from south to east and altitude between 230 and 450 m above sea level. Calcareous, clayey of medium texture.


  • Berebene del Gambero Rosso - 2008, 2009, 2011-2014: Oscar quality

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