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The color is a beautiful intense ruby red. The olfactory bouquet is mainly fruity, composed in particular of notes of raspberry and cherry, then completed by delicate tertiary nuances reminiscent of cinnamon. The sip is velvety and soft, well worked in the tannic texture and long in persistence.


It can also be drunk throughout the meal with dishes from the land cuisine, it is excellent to accompany roast chicken.


The Kellerei Kaltern - Caldaro was born at the beginning of the 90s, in 1992 to be exact, from the union of two historical wineries regarding the territory of Caldaro: ...


Pounding and vibrant on the one hand, then at the same time beautiful, graceful and enchanting: it is the Pinot Noir of Alto Adige branded Kaltern, or a red that offers a sip worked on the chisel, in which the essence of the fruit and the territory is enhanced, enriched by discrete tertiary notes given by aging. Left to rest for about seven months, partly in large wooden barrels and partly in concrete tanks, it is a Pinot Noir that gives really great satisfaction, offering at the same time a truly unrivaled quality / price ratio. A Pinot Noir not to be missed.

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