Venison carpaccio on a bed of cap with porcini mushrooms, celery and lamé

  flakes of trentingrana 14.00

Beef tartare with Bernese sauce and black truffle perlage 16.00

Mixed platter of Val di Sole cheeses with honeys and balsamic glaze 12.00 

Potato tortel from Trentino on hood with speck  11.00


First dishes

Trentino risotto with rennet apples and crispy speck 10.00

Yellow risotto with chanterelles and porcini mushrooms 12.00

Fresh egg pappardelle with jugged venison 12.00

Tricolor dumplings on a moena puzzone fondue 14.00

Buckwheat ravioli stuffed with venison with sage hazelnut butter and braised beef glaze 14.00


Second courses

Typical Finnish reindeer stew with new potatoes 22.00

Sliced venison fillet on a bed of red cabbage 

polenta di Storo and demi-glace with blueberries 28.00

Braised shank in teroldego with sauerkraut 19.00

Black angus intercosta gr. 500 with rustichelle potatoes 35.00

Grilled venison ribs on a bed of sauerkraut and pear 

Williams glazed with teroldego 26.00


Gourmet pizza  

Tivoli mozzarella, artichoke cream, gorgonzola, small artichokes, smoked lonziono rose 12.00

Pantelleria cream of yellow tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, caper leaves,

small capers, Cantabrian anchovy fillets 12.00

Portofino mozzarella, basil pesto, semi-dry tomato, burrata stracciatella, raw ham 12.00

Primavera Mozzarella, fresh tomato, rocket, raw ham, trentingrana flakes 12.00

Margherita Tomato 100% Italian mozzarella fior di latte  evo oil 8.00


Dessert 6.00

Sacker cakes 

Panna cotta with berries

Apple pancakes with ice cream and berries

                 Casolet cake and raisins               






Cover charge 2.00