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Teroldego organic red wine from Trentino. this vine is typical of the Trentino region, carefully cultivated in the north of Italy. At the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire it was known as Tiroldego, or wine from Tyrol. This variety is particularly well suited to the plots of the Pisoni company on the sandy-clayey alluvial plains of the Sarca plain. It is a special wine that expert oenologists age in the cellar but which then continues its life in the bottle very well.
Variety (s):

Teroldego 2014 of the Fratelli Pisoni farm comes from a 100% Teroldego vine.

Degrees: 13.5% Vol.

Vintage: 2014


Teroldego 2014 from the Fratelli Pisoni farm has a floral, enveloping scent. Strong, soft, round flavor with the right tannins.


This Teroldego 2014 from the Fratelli Pisoni farm goes very well with red meats and main courses in general.

Organic Teroldego Trentino red wine from Pisoni

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